Kittens born


Sire: FI*Sweetpurr's Truth, CRX n
Dam: Bianca The Oneness, CRX f 24

Sweetpurr's Hunky Twunk, CRX e 24, cream spotted male (available)
Sweetpurr's Discreet Jock, CRX d 24, red spotted male (booked)
Sweetpurr's Barely Bear, CRX b 24, chocolate spotted male (looking for a foster family)
Sweetpurr's Scruffy Otter, CRX a 24, blue spotted male (available)

Kittens grow up in Naantali near Turku!


- - -


Sire: Sweetpurr's Super Bad Boyfriend, CRX d
Dam: Sweetpurr's Falling Rain, CRX g 03 24

Sweetpurr's Bad Habits, CRX f 03 24, calico spotted bicolor female (booked)
Sweetpurr's Galway Girl, CRX f 24, tortie spotted female (prel. booked)
Sweetpurr's Touch and Go, CRX n 24, black spotted male (prel. booked)
Sweetpurr's Cold Coffee, CRX n 22, black tabby male (prel. booked)

Kittens grow up in Littoinen near Turku!


Kittens expected in November! 

Sire: Uzi Agnus*LT, CRX d
Dam: SE*PurrfectCurl'z Oh. My. Gaga!, CRX n 03

These kittens will be born in Norrtälje, Sweden

Kittens planned 2022

Sire: Sweetpurr's Good In Bed, CRX n 03
Dam: Sweetpurr's The Devil Wears Prada, CRX b 03

This co-opearation litter will be born in Finland, thank you Niina!

- - -

Sire: Sweetpurr's Good In Bed, CRX n 03
Dam: CH Sweetpurr's Where's My Sash And Crown, CRX n 01 62

This litter will be born in Turku!