Kittens born

Kittens born 21st of December 2020

Sire: FI*Sweetpurr's L.O.V.E. Machine, CRX n 24
Dam: FI*Sweetpurr's Proud, CRX a

Sweetpurr's Baltazar of Myrrh, brown spotted boy (prel. booked)
Sweetpurr's Caspar of Frankincense, blue spotted boy (prel. booked)
Sweetpurr's Melchior of Gold, lilac boy (booked)

These kitten live in a foster family in Luleå, Sweden


Kittens planned

Spring 2021

Sire: FI*Sweetpurr's The Force Awakens, CRX d 01 62
Dam: Weminas Wheel of Happiness, CRX n 09 22

These kittens will be born in Uppsala, Sweden